Technological risk quantification X-ANALYTICS


The technology risk quantification program with X-Analytics is about supporting organizations to improve the way they understand and manage cyber-risk through a complete and complex data analysis. This service consists of multiple activities and analyses that will be carried out over the course of a year with the aim of giving organizations a deep insight into how a cybersecurity attack could affect the business financially. It is hoped that these activities can provide businesses with the necessary tools to make informed and up-to-date business decisions based on the current state of the company.


The financial impact that a cybersecurity event can bring is not always apparent to businesses. However, data loss, financial loss, theft and loss of intellectual property, business interruption and extortion have always been a reality that many companies have understood, planned and hopefully recovered from some of these events. Because cyber risk is a primary concern for most companies, business leaders need support to understand their cyber risk in a way that makes sense for the business. The cyber-risk quantification service with X-Analytics aims to support organizations to identify and understand cyber risk in a different and interesting way for the business that allows them to make sound decisions about how to invest in cybersecurity.