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SISAP Training

We firmly believe that training is irreplaceable as the basis for providing high-end services. Our Training division coordinates specialist educators to maintain our work team and our clients with the knowledge and practices necessary for the optimal performance of their duties.

CertiProf authorized training partner


As a CertiProf authorized training partner we can provide key tools that align training and certifications for a seamless experience. Best of all, the course content and certifications allow lifelong learners to greatly increase their knowledge in the areas of their choice while interacting with like-minded people.

CertiProf has been improving professional lives since 2015, offering a wide range of IT certifications and agile framework training with recognized international validity.

SISAP Cybersecurity Academy

The Cyber Security Specialization is a program that recruits college students and IT employees to train them on technical skills and practices of Information Security, orienting them according to their aptitude and passion in different areas or critical competencies, in order to become professionals of Cyber Security.

Training & Certifications

With only field knowledge of cybersecurity, fundamental aspects can be understood, but by completing the studies and passing the certification exam a person guarantees that their knowledge goes beyond a fundamental knowledge and has proven experience in more specific topics. Each certification demonstrates knowledge in one or more topics such as networks, security, risk management, communications, cloud and even penetration testing.

Additionally, obtaining a certification offers to open the doors to better opportunities in a world where there is not a large number of cybersecurity experts; which will also determine income growth, between salaries and benefits that can be offered according to the number of certifications and/or accumulated experience.

The certifications are usually recognized by associations such as ANSI, ISO or IEC and therefore meet globally recognized standards.