Computer emergency response team


SISAP CERT is sponsored and authorized by Carnegie Mellon.

SISAP CERT is affiliated with other CERTs and CSIRTs that share our values, mission and vision. With this affiliation, we share anonymized information on threats, incidents, breaches and fraud that use digital technology, both regionally and globally, and thus improve the cyber security posture of our constituency.



We provide 24/7 computer security control, supported by a team of system engineers and security analysts, specialized in device management and security event analysis. Allowing the Technology / Systems area of ​​your company to specifically support the business, leaving the monitoring and compliance of security policies to us.



The Threat Intelligence department (THI) is an integral part of the SISAP CERT, through its constant investigations they provide the rest of the CERT with intelligence that help our customers be more secure and proactively protect them against threats.

Additionally, THI performs threat hunting services to actively look for possible indicators of compromise within organizations.


Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Aimed at supporting Senior Management, Risk Managers, Security Managers and Auditors in the investigation of incidents related to Information Technology systems, using world-class tools that allow the examination of computers and/or network traffic without compromising production or causing interruptions.


FIRST is a globally recognized organization and leader in incident response. The member teams of this organization have the ability to act more effectively and more proactively. SISAP CERT is a proud member of this organization.

Carnegie Mellon, through its Software Engineering Institute, owns the rights to the CERT mark (previously used for the acronym Computer Emergency Response Team), which is used to identify all incident response teams that meet the requirements presented by this institution. At SISAP-CERT we have approved all the necessary requirements to be able to use the CERT name for our computer emergency response team.