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We are a company that for more than 38 years has ventured into many areas of information technology, leading the market through innovation, quality and customer service.

We are a regional company that provides advanced cybersecurity solutions with a talented, innovative, reliable and highly trained team. As strategic partners, we are committed to protecting the business of our clients by continually improving the design, implementation and management of services.

About Us

We integrate the best available knowledge with options of the leading technologies in their field, in suitable solutions to satisfy your Information Security, Technological Risk Management and Business Continuity needs


We believe there is no alternative to digital transformation & Cybersecurity is the key. Safety is not a destination, it is a path. We seek to be the best option for our clients ALWAYS.

SISAP 2024

Our Story

Over the Years

Technology has evolved so rapidly with new virtual tools, this was creating a greater need for our clients to be protected In order protect your business,  SISAP expanded throughout the region with the best  experience, customer service, knowledge and alliances it could manage.



Central American company founded in 1985 in Guatemala by the Nanne Family. Since this time we have ventured into many areas of Information Technology, leading the market through Innovation, Quality and Customer Service




With this we now have operations in three countries –El Salvador and Costa Rica-. We are adding highly professional teams to the Sisap family and we will continue to act with excellence towards all customers, suppliers, communities wherever we are

2007 -2008

SISAP Panamá opens. First SOC in Guatemala. Forensic Analysis services begin being offered


The first customer contracts are signed in Panama. The first management contact is established with on-site personnel for more aggressive service times. Incident Response services begin

2010 - 2011

The services are extended towards the massive management of the security platform. Expansion to Honduras

2013 - 2012

SIEM technology from AXXERA Inc. is implemented. The first regional Forensic laboratory was implemented. Now in República Dominicana


Implementation of CORRELOG and ArcSight technology in the client portfolio. Implementation of technology for the detection of DDoS attacks


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (SIEM) is selected and implemented

2017 - 2018

Expansion to Nicaragua. In partnership with McAfee, the Next Generation SOC program is launched


The SISAP CERT is created to provide comprehensive services. The THI department is born. We are CERT accredited. We are accepted into FIRST


First CA entity to contribute to the DBIR. Implementation of technologies for Information Sharing and Brand Protection. ISO 27001 certification

2022 - 2021

Implementation of SOAR and XDR technologies. Maturity model. SISAP Colombia, México and USA opens

Fueled by passion

Real People. Real Results

We are a community that stands out for its skills and talent, we join forces with a main objective to unite people to change the way we deliver world-class results.


“Regardless of the level of transformation that the organization is experiencing, I assure you that your environment is transforming digitally and faster than you think. This refers to a cultural change in organizations, to develop and support new business models, in the environment of the digital economy. Based on the talent, agility, innovation and commitment of people, together with the implementation and proper use of technology. With the purpose of creating new and better experiences of and for customers, with greater profitability and growth of the organization.

However, this transformation requires a catalyst that allows it to be done safely and sustainably. Only a cybersecurity program that is transversal to this transformative change is the vehicle that organizations have to ensure and accelerate the digital transformation that they require.”

Juan Bustos

Sales Manager Costa Rica, Sistemas Aplicativos SA

“The cybersecurity incident statistics of the last years, 2020-2022, in the Central American and Caribbean region come to mind, because it is striking that a high percentage of the companies affected, belong mainly to the industry and commerce segments.

It can be concluded that this segment of companies needs to improve their information security maturity level. This requires that senior management is not only convinced but also should be aware of the urgent need, to implement mechanisms for the protection of their most valuable asset: its data, which, if lost, or not accessible, compromises the company operations, resulting in monetary and worse, reputation losses.”

Jorge Utrera

DFIR Team Manager, Sistemas Aplicativos SISAP

“Reality exists whether we want to accept it or not, and a virtual world has become part of our reality. Whatever we cause in the virtual world will have consequences that will affect the physical realm, and cyberwar is making a clear division between those who use technology to build value for a better world and those who destroy value. Ignoring cybersecurity as the tool to win this war and defend what is important to us, is a denial of reality.”

Irwin Samos

Architecture Manager, Sistemas Aplicativos SA

“IT transformation is the starting point that allows us to move forward on the path of digital transformation and technology is necessary to face modern challenges in a world that is advancing by leaps and bounds. The management of data from any angle is delicate for any organization, we are aware of this and it is a pleasure to be able to support our clients in such a strategy through our solutions, robust infrastructure, with solutions adapted to the specific needs of each organization.”

Irene Silva

General Manager , Transforma Digital (SISAP Group Member)

“Cybercrime knows no borders, and global cyber incidents consistently impact organizations across diverse industries. It is crucial to strengthen our digital data and borders, understand, and swiftly respond to cyber incidents. Especially in the face of the growing risk of ransomware attacks, organizations must prioritize specific response strategies to mitigate their challenges. Implementing effective backup systems, regular training, and collaborating with cybersecurity experts are key to defending against ransomware threats. Promoting good cyber hygiene should be a common practice and a shared responsibility.”

Edith Santos

Chief Operation Officer, Apollo Cyber (SISAP Group Member)


For more than 38 years, SISAP has focused on providing the best service in cybersecurity with more than 200 engineers and a presence in 10 countries to create tangible business value.





Alliance partners

We have developed collaborative relationships with several organizations throughout the region, so that you can benefit from a global network. This way you can access the best professional resources.

We have carefully selected and forged strategic alliances and business models with leading organizations and global benchmarks in Information Security, such as Verizon and IBM Corporation.

These alliances allow us to position ourselves as leaders both in knowledge and experience to provide you with information and solutions from global and regional leaders in their areas.


With more than 150 locations, Verizon is a global leader in providing innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way our customers live, work, learn and play.

Founded in 2000, the company operates America’s most reliable wireless network and the nation’s leading fiber network, providing integrated solutions to businesses around the world.

Devo has one priority: reinventing how our customers use our security and data analytics platform to enable faster, more trusted action. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations drives everything we do.

Reinventing how data and security analytics can be used to enable faster, more trusted action, at any scale.

Multinational information technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century.

IBM manufactures and markets both hardware and software, offering infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services, in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


Evolving solutions from the first virtual directory to the world’s only intelligent identity data platform. Our clients include large and complex organizations around the world. And our plan? To continue adding value in all dimensions.

Get to know our vacancies at the regional level and discover the benefits we have for you, don’t forget to visit our culture section.


IRSI - Information Risk & Security Institute

We have created IRSI (Information Risk & Security Institute), with the purpose of providing a professional development opportunity to young people with academic potential and a passion for cybersecurity, strengthening the labor market and providing qualified professionals to companies at a regional level.

IRSI currently has close to 100 students receiving our cybersecurity specialization, in recognition of their great performance, the most outstanding IRSI students have the opportunity to be part of our organization.

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Esperanza Juvenil

We maintain a culture of volunteering, in which we encourage our collaborators to seek and volunteer in their community. We constantly have activities where we donate our time and resources to support different institutions.

We currently support Esperanza Juvenil; A Charitable Institution that helps underprivileged children and youth to reach their full potential. They are supported with studies, health in order to provide an optimum development.


In order to provide you with the best cybersecurity strategies suited to your own specific needs, we have partnered with world-class cybersecurity leaders.


You deserve the best cybersecurity service possible and we have acquired certifications that endorse us worldwide to be able to provide to you.