Hardening guides creation



Service for the creation of specialized guides based on CIS (Center for Internet Security) that support organizations in strengthening the security of systems under scope (Operating Systems, Telecommunications Equipment, FW, Databases, WEB Server), through the hardening process.

Why is it important

An organization can count on the most up-to-date information security and cybersecurity technology and well-established cybersecurity policies and procedures; however, not only that is needed to make the organization as secure as possible since an attacker can find even the slightest vulnerability and exploit it to gain access to the organization’s information. This is why it is also necessary to make sure to tighten the security of all devices in the organization, whether they are end-user machines, servers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers or any type of technological asset. This can be done by hardening the security of the equipment, also known as “hardening”.