Cybersecurity awareness program


The most important asset within any organization is in turn the weakest, the users, which is why achieving an adequate awareness of the information that is handled within the organization involves an additional effort whose objective is to minimize human failures in the face of social engineering attacks. A security awareness program is an awareness effort aimed at increasing understanding of cyber threats and training staff to be safer online. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Each of us has to do our part to keep the Internet safe. When we all take simple steps to be safer online, using the internet is a safer experience for everyone.


A well-trained cybersecurity staff poses a minor risk to the overall security of an organization’s digital network. Fewer risks mean fewer financial losses due to cybercrime. If all employees receive training in cybersecurity practices, there will be less likelihood of protection failures if someone leaves the company. In other words, it will reduce the chances of a security breach occurring because a critical employee wasn’t at work that day. A company with security-conscious staff will have a better reputation among consumers, as opposed to a company that is repeatedly subject to security breaches that will lose customers as a result of negative publicity, regardless of the actual impact of any particular breach.