CISO as a Service


Service that focuses on providing professional services as a traditional Information Security Officer would within the organization. It is important to mention that unlike hiring a person to occupy the position of CISO within a company, the CISO service has several benefits such as: it ensures that an information security expert with verifiable certifications and experience is the one who provides the necessary support to the organization, the amount of support behind a CISO-as-a-service figure in SISAP that can help solve doubts that may arise during the duration of the service and many more benefits.


Every organization needs a leader in cybersecurity and information security that allows them to create value within the business by implementing the right controls, policies and tools to protect the most important assets within it. This person should be someone with high leadership capabilities and knowledge about cybersecurity. When organizations do not have this figure within the company, you can seek to outsource this role as a service and that is exactly what this service offers. The possibility that the organization has an officer and person in charge of Information Security without the need to find and hire someone.