HP Arcsight ESM provides security that analyzes and correlative in every event to help the SOC IT with event detection security, fulfillment and risk management, and security operations. ESM sieved through million of registers and relates to encounter critical events in real time throughout dashboards, notifications and, informs; so it could prioritize with precision the security risks and fulfillment violations.


McAfee Security Manager is one of the centralization and correlating tools of events most powerful of the market. With one infrastructure based on different levels, the SIEM of McAfee is easily scalable, even in remote infrastructures. It improves the intelligence that the other McAfee Security devices deliver in one unique console.


Being one of the first ones in this technology, RSA nVision is one of the most implemented SIEM of our Central American region. It provides an infrastructure based on hardware, easily scalable, where every function of the infrastructure solution falls in a different appliance.


TrippWire Log Center is a solution based in one of the best software quality/price ratios. It counts with the window of TrippWire Enterprise, for the complete visibility not just of events, but of the changes that produce such events too.


GFI Events Monitor is one solution based in software specially indicated for enterprise with requirements of centralization of events and generation of alerts with high report levels and a simple administration.


It is recommended the use of CorreLog when you need to manage an AS400 system. CorreLog dedicates to a SIEM based on software, providing two types of data base to streamline archive and reports, anti-tamper of events. With a central console where it realizes any configuration you company wants.