Cyber Security

Services & Solutions


In the Cybersecurity context, products are solutions designed to automate the processes for actively protecting and defending the technology and the humans, bearing in mind that cyberattacks will target both to ultimately compromise the organization and its sensitive data.

Choosing the right technology to enhance our organization’s cybersecurity capabilities, will depend on the issue we want to address and the elements we want to protect.


Cybersecurity services provide experience and knowledge that will help in our mission to protect the organization.

Expert services can help with the identification and protection of the ‘crown jewels’ to design a cybersecurity strategy that is tailor-made to the businesses’ needs.

Other services are focused on detection and response functions and complement the technology we already have implemented to anticipate cyber attacks.

Also, another way of taking advantage of this expertise, is when regulatory laws demand certain cybersecurity elements to be implemented.

Training and education

Cybersecurity training has the purpose of building specific skills to prepare professionals to do a better job at protecting the organization from cyberthreats by teaching them the practical application of the acquired knowledge and the specific tasks to be performed.

Cybersecurity education on the other hand, provides general and valuable knowledge, concepts and reasoning capabilities to users in general to be aware of cyberattacks and respond in a way that won’t jeopardize the business’ resilience.

Both categories are necessary. However, it will depend on the functions the people perform in the organization to choose one path or the other.


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