Tenable, the world's first Cyber ​​Exposure platform, provides Security teams with the ability to view their entire cyber attack surface at all times (from IT to the cloud, IoT and OT) and gives the CISO, to senior management and the Board of Directors the vision to focus on the issues that matter most and to make better strategic decisions.


Cenzic cloud proves the security risks in your own applications in the cloud and web against basic attacks with processed results. The results are published on the private Cenzic portal with no need of security experts.


QualysGuard Vulnerability Management (VM) allows gesture effectively the vulnerabilities and keeps control over the web security with centralizes informs, proven remedies and, the workflow capabilities with complete incident remediation. It provides complete reports about the vulnerabilities, the time to fix the estimations and the business impact and the tendency analysis in security topics.

Core Impact

CoreImpact determines if the vulnerabilities are real and determines how they can be deleted. This offers the information needed to give priority to the remediation efforts in a intelligent way and assign in a correct way the security resources.

GFI Languard

GFI LANguard scans and detects the vulnerabilities of the network before it to be exposed, decreasing this way the time to fix the network machines. GFI LANguard works with different platforms: Microsoft, Mac OS X, Linux and, others and, it shows the errors of security and no security.

Imperva (Data base Analysis)

Scuba is an Imperva tool that analyzes the principal enterprises data bases in look of vulnerabilities and configuration fails. The reports decrease quickly the risks and web vulnerabilities. It has periodic actualizations that guarantee that Scuba is at the same rhythm of the new threats.