Visibility and new generation protection


The optimization WAN suite integrates the broadband optimization on a enterprise level and a network application with visibility and control in a easy use suite. It creates a performance of WAN for the enterprise that offers predictable experience for the applications without the matter where they will be used.


PakerShaper provides control of the actual integrated network WAN. It assures the quality for the VoIP and videoconferences. It counts with a application and web content integration that provides a vision over the recreational data traffic on a specified level.


Solera DeepSee electro-domestics are highly scalable solutions. It delivers supervision of the complete network and visibility of the threats, malware and, attacks since the starting day. It counts with optimized platforms done for the high performance environments, supporting medium networks in big displays.


Observer provides a solid and complete analysis with problem resolutions in the moment and building highest performance in a long path. It offers a complete package for the network managers, architects, achieving the highest performance.


NetTradeWatch of Niksun combines the managed multicast of data, delay measures and, the transactional analysis. Achieving the capacity to analyze, inform and, resolve problems as market data founts and commerce operations, valuable for the commercial networks of the company.


The malware analysis system of FireEye provides to the threat analysts the possibility of execute and inspection the advanced malware, starting attacks and, ATP incrusted attacks in common document formats, e-mail documents and, web objects.


Damballa auto protection discovers and analyzes the malicious network traffic in real time, identifying quickly the involved devices that represent bigger risk for the organization. It shorts the time since the discovery until the rehabilitation of the system, streamlines the answer to the problem presented and, offers processed intelligence over the active threat in the network.