Information protection (DLP/DRM)


RSA provides a complete endpoint for the network that controls the access and use of the information letting the enterprise implement the infrastructure without being a challenge.


McAfee provides dynamic and effective DLP solutions in the market achieving the combination in a unique console (ePO) the technologies of DLP and DRM. It lets the managers to control the user and devices for the use control of the information in the network. The DLP solution in the network could be virtualized.


The combination of the WebSense DLP endpoint and DLP network provide one of the most implemented DLP solutions in the region. Unifying the functionalities of the network DLP is a unique virtualized box, TRITON simplifies the project implementation.


EMC2 and its IRM allow passing the integrity and confidentiality of the information to the same information protecting the document without the worry of where it will go o circulate with spectacular granularity levels.


With aggressive and easy implementation prices, Microsoft RMS is a IRM solution specifically indicated for generated documents with the Office tool suite.


One of the most complete solutions in the market provides hybrids network and endpoint solutions with a big variety of access and use politics for the important information, such as the most complete reports of the segment.