Data Protection


Symantec offers encrypted solutions that provide the companies data protection with a centralized controlled base. It provides solutions with technology based standards, the centralized gestured of politics, basing in the fulfillment of information and the gesture of the encrypted products.


McAffe Endpoint Encryption uses the encrypted algorithms to provide protection solutions of various levels for desktops. It allows protecting in a very invisible way a bigger part of confidential information, as client data, intellectual property (IP), legal and finance records, employee communications.


The Vormetric encryption can be use in physical and virtual environments and, in the cloud. It works with the main platforms- Linux, Unix, Windows- protecting the structured and non-structured integrated data, the key encrypted gesture and the common infrastructure.


The family of Variable Speed Encryptions (VSEs) of Certes Networks allows customizing the performance of encryption for it to match with the broadband specific need in every network need. Without involving the availability of the network, performance of the application or, operative visibility, the administrator can assure any network with the encryption technology of multiple layers.