Data Base Protection

BeyondTrust Power Broker DB

It´s a software for powerful data bases, it allows saving historical changes and delivers a granularity of the reports. It´s indicates for those clients who want to manage in a very close way what´s happening in their data base.


Imperva characterizes by offering a complete product that doesn´t let anything out; behavior audit, change management, analysis for data base vulnerabilities, virtual patching and etcetera.


Through the acquirement of IPLogs because of FortiNet, FortiD8 has been an option for audit and manage of the data base with an excellent ratio price/quality.


Especially design to align with the security practices of PCI, Safenet data protect allows the encryption of important information of the data base, as well as showing the results that shouldn´t be exposed to determined users.


Through the acquirement of Sentrigo by McAfee, McAffe provides a product based on software with limitless possibilities of audit and data base protection.