Navigation Control


BlueCoat provides a new proxy architecture that accelerates the company process at the same time that it decreases the security risks. The technology of BlueCoat makes solutions that make the performances, functionalities and, the granularity reports difficult to overcome. It also counts with a filtrated service in the cloud that frees the local implementation without deleting the quality of the link filter.


WebSense, with its TRITON platform, encloses three solutions in one (DLP, Anti-spam and, proxy) that would be able to habilitate in function of the needs.


The Sure Web Getaways of McAffe would be implemented in a virtual way or in an appliance proportionate by the brand. McAffe provides a mature solution in web filtering that offers the best protection and control in navigation for the users.


GFI bases its web filtering solutions in software, providing a web filtering enterprise level with aligned politics with the domain of the company.