McAffe characterizes by its robust and integrated reported solutions in its ePO console. McAfee is situated in the highest spots of Anti-spam, with its hybrid solution of ´´box and cloud´´ convert McAffe in one of the best options.


Through the acquisition of MxLogic by McAffe the enterprise uses different motors of parallel anti-spam, is an economic and low or no impact solution in the infrastructure of any company.


Axway provides virtualized and device solutions of symmetric anti-spam. It´s recommended when you have requirements of secure messaging, even beyond the e-mail. In the same appliance it could integrate a secure access of information and just could have access the users that actually have it. The functions it provides: e-mail encryption or motor of outsourced antivirus.


FortiMail is a filtrated symmetric anti-spam based in the hardware that offers functionalities of e-mail server especially useful to be used as supported mail server.