Project Management

All the developed projects are managed by our PMO under the best project management practices.

Consultancy for PMO implementation
PMO is a organization unit charged to centralize and coordinate the project management on your care using the methodology of Project management institute, PMI organization created in 1969 and dedicated to the Project Direction with more than 500,000 worldwide members. This achieves through standard application of knowledge, skills, techniques and, tools for activities of a project to achieve the goals of it.

A) Act as a government body over the projects.
B) Assign and share human talent.
C) Identify improvement areas and support new business opportunities generations.
D) Evaluate customer´s satisfaction.
A) Decreases costs and risks.
B) Increases efficiency
C) Improves time delivery and budget

Management and project companion
Apply the methodology of Project Management Institute, PMI in the actual projects of the companies and their strategic alignment. Through the standardization of A) processes B) procedures and, C) metrics, the participant will understand the life cycle of a project and its relation with the enterprise environment putting importance on the Process Group: A) Beginning, B) Planning, C) Execution, D) control and monitoring and, E) closure. It will be learn Key Factors such as: A) range, B) deliverables, C) Work Detailed Structure (WDS), D) project building (project charter), E) Communication Matrix and, F) learned lections, and others.