Engineering and Support

Our Equipment…

We count with the best qualify and experienced equipment of the region with professionals highly motivated and with continuous training plans.

All our engineers go through a hard selection process and recruiting, evaluating their capability, technical knowledge, good service behavior and, ethical values to assure we count with high performance equipment.
The engineers have a very hard training plan and constant training, by the fabricants and the worldwide standards for the respective disciplines.
We count with our own test laboratory and equipment for concept tests and, emergency support.

We keep communication with the fabricants to have better resources with the engineers that built it.

Implementation and support services

Project implementation
We have a department of regional engineering, with capacitated personal in different security technologies; for the analysis, design and, applicative solution implementation for the different requirements and our customer´s clients and prospects.

Online solutions and Onsite support
Our regional engineering department counts with a group of engineers that fulfill the certifications and training needed to give support to requirements and incidents in the different technologies and software, which are represented by SISAP. This support could be given in a remote or onsite way, counting at the same time with the service capacity of 24/7, depending on the customer´s need.