Digital Forensic Investigations / Forensic Informatics Audit
Designed to support the Senior Management, Security Managers and, Investigation incidents Auditors related with the technology information systems using worldwide quality tools to test individual or network equipments and/or traffic in the network without compromising the production or making any interruptions.

Forensic Certification recognized are recognized all around the world; guarantee processes and, procedures that correspond to the international standards during the investigation curses.

Incident Response & Forensic Investigation
For high level cases, Verizon Terramark Investigate Response is a referent digital forensic analysis, response to informatics incidents, response of data violation and, IT Investigations.

Worldwide quality products and solutions
Encase Cybersecurity, Encase Enterprise, Encase Forensic, Tableau Accessories, Niksun, SpectorSoft, Passware and other.


Data Recovery
Leading Data Recuperation in the area. It has capacity of evaluate and rescue hard drive data, Magnetic tapes, Camera memory drives and other devices in the SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI, NTFS, Exn or HPFS technologies. With fixes of RAID, NAS and, SAN hard drive.

We are certificated partners in Data Recovery.