Who we are?

Who we are?

Sistemas Aplicativos, S.A. (SISAP) it´s a Central American enterprise founded in 1985.

During this time we´ve dabbled in many technology areas of information, leading the market through the innovation, quality and, customer service. We have operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá and, Dominican Republic. Our clients are in United States, México, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and other countries.

What do we do?

We design solutions tailored to the problem and prevent future threats. Our solutions are intended to get safe and confident information systems.

We take into account the unpredictable informatics circumstances or inevitable and that could affect your information. We concentrate in your business, for it to keep walking.

How do we do it?

We integrate the best knowledge available with technology options leading in their predetermined field. Incorporating solutions appropriate to resolve your safety needs for your information, management of technological risk and, business continuity.

We contain a big catalog of services and solutions with different brands with different capacities and strengths for each to adjust to the needs, known and unknown of each of our customers.

We are in the search of your business continuity. We boast with specialist advisors that will give you the best recommendations for your business to continue working.

Why are we the best? 

  • The best qualified and experimented equipment of the region and with structured plans of ongoing training.
  • Internal and external training center.
  • Unique commercial forensic laboratory in the region.
  • Only regional enterprise authorized by PCI Council to verify and issue PCI ROC.
  • Great customer service Outsourcing security.